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Full Version: Mumble Voice Chat
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How to Use Mumble VoIP 

1. Join the Server
2. Press ESC and navigate to SETTINGS>VOICECHAT
3. Turn Voice Chat Enabled to on and change your input to your microphone and output to your headset/speakers

Extra Information: Make sure your sliders for Voice chat volume, microphone voice, etc are high so you can hear

others and others can hear you. If people are too loud, adjust accordingly.

[Image: nlXhSrY.png]

  • In order for you to change your Push to Talk button, locate yourself to (Settings>Key Bindings>GTA Online>Push To Talk) and change the Push to talk button
       [Image: tS8PqKT.png]
  • In order for you to change your in-game radio button, locate yourself to (Settings>Key Bindings>General>Character Selector) and change the Character Selector button
       [Image: 9XY1gKR.png]
  • In order to change your Proximity level (Aka Range), Use the "~" Key on your keyboard. This key will be under the ESC Key