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Vandal City Roleplay Server Rules

Please read all the rules carefully and thoroughly. If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints about the rules, please contact a member of the admin team through the #create-support-ticket channel in Discord.

If you are a victim or witness to someone breaking rules, please report it to an admin member immediately. A report can be made in Discord under the #create-support-ticket, through the Report Player Abuse section on the forum, or in-game using “/report”. If possible, please include the player’s Steam name along with video or photo evidence. 

If you witness or are a victim of an admin member abusing their job, please report it to one of the other Developers, Moderators or Staff members. Server rules apply to everyone, including members of the admin team.

Random Death Match (RDM) is when a player kills or assaults another player with no prior interaction or valid roleplay reason. RDM is strictly forbidden and will be met with a kick or ban from the server. There should always be engagement and interaction before any move to harm another player, and you are to always give people incentive and enough time to comply with your orders. (e.g. do not shoot someone after 3 seconds if they don’t listen to you immediately during a robbery) 

Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) is never allowed. VDM is when you hit someone with your vehicle with the intent to kill them. If you kill someone with your vehicle you will be kicked and receive a punishment. An act in which a person uses his vehicle as a weapon in order to protect his own life from any direct or immediate threat, will not be considered VDM. The only case of this allowed is someone actively shooting at you from within a few feet of the front of your car. This is to get away from the shooter and you should never hit speeds fast enough to kill them if they are right in front of your car. Officers are allowed to lightly tap civilians with their vehicle to knock them down while evading on foot. This is not to kill them but cause them to fall over and provide officers with an opportunity to exit their vehicle, apply handcuffs or pull out a taser.

New Life Rule
New Life Rule (NLR) begins when you have been killed and have respawned (e.g. you have woken up at Pillbox, either through bleeding out, or being declared DOA by EMS) NLR does NOT occur when you are killed as a result of RDM, VDM, or were disconnected due to connectivity errors. If you have died and respawned at the hospital, you are not permitted to return to your place of death for 15 minutes, and you forget everything leading up to your death for 30 minutes. As a result, it is not permitted to seek after the person(s) who killed you, revenge killing is not tolerated. 

If you are unconscious while EMS is on duty, roleplay your part, whether you use “/me” to RP being unconscious, or your mic to verbally roleplay your injuries/pain. If EMS picks you up, you are required to return with them to the hospital and roleplay out your injuries and treatment with them. If declared DOA by an EMS, you will be force-respawned to the hospital, and NLR will occur. 

If you declare DOA on yourself, whether through Suicide RP, or as a way to avoid consequences, you are required to permanently kill that character. 

DO NOT KILL EMS. The only time a player is ever allowed to kill an EMS is if the EMS is breaking server rules (examples include RDM/VDM/FailRP). You are not allowed to hold up, rob or take an EMS hostage. If they are online, they are people’s only chance against dying, make sure to keep it fair for everyone in the server. Stealing EMS vehicles is also not okay, unless you have an extremely good roleplay reason to do so, which is very rare. 

If downed during an active situation, all players must wait until the situation has cleared, or come to an end, before reviving anyone. It is not permitted for police, civilians, or EMS to revive people for the sole purpose of allowing them to return to the situation. Roleplay out your injuries.

Fail RP
FailRP is doing or saying things that are improbable or unrealistic in a roleplay scenario. This includes actions such as running around an active crime scene for no real roleplay reason, or running inside your house as a way to avoid being captured by police as these are not things that would typically happen in real life. 

The impersonation of any emergency service is not allowed. You may not dress up like a law enforcement officer, medic, lifeguard, or fireman. 

Tweeting is for roleplay use ONLY. Do not use this function as if it is ooc. It will be considered FailRP which will result in a strike or ban against you. Do not spam tweets or take advantage of this function. Remember that what you tweet out can be used against you by others and the police.

Canceling the drug sale animation so you don't get caught by the police is not allowed. This is considered FailRP and you will receive punishment if caught doing this. This animation is to simulate as if your character is handing over the drugs and taking the dirty money from the local. If you wish to end the sale, walk away from the NPC.

Ass-Pulling is when a player pulls a large weapon "out of thin air" (Pulling a two handed weapon out without having a reasonable source to have taken it from). You must wear a bag when taking a large or two handed weapon out. You are allowed to pull out a large weapon the second you step out of a vehicle; this must be done before you step away from your vehicle to roleplay that the weapon has been in your hands or lap while in the vehicle. Use your judgement; it's unreasonable to ask others to believe that you have a bat or carbine rifle crammed down the back of your pants.

Power Gaming
Power gaming is the process of gaining an advantage in an RP scenario, either through in-game mechanics or RP, effectively removing the other players’ right to choose how their character responds. 

Body camping is one example of power gaming, as it removes the opportunity for EMS and/or PD to roleplay their characters.

Reviving a player that you have chosen to kill for the sole purpose of completing a task to your advantage is also powergaming. If you have made the decision to kill someone, you must deal with the consequences of them being dead. 

The same concept applies to performing a robbery or heist minutes before a server restart, as it takes away the opportunity for PD to engage in the situation. 

Fear RP
FearRP is the act of fearing for your life. When roleplaying, you are to hold value to your character’s life and act accordingly. For example, if someone has a gun pointed at you, you would put your hands up and comply with their demands in order to keep yourself alive. Another side of this would be intentionally killing yourself in order to avoid consequences in RP. This will be considered a self-DOA and you will be required to permanently kill that character. 

Metagaming is using information gathered out of character (OOC) in game in order to gain an advantage for your character. This includes information seen on streams, on Discord (yes, even the Vandal Discord server), or any other platform other than in-game. Most, if not all, information can be learned through roleplay while in-game. 

Combat Logging
If you are engaged in roleplay or committing a crime, you are not allowed to log out just to avoid consequences. You are also not allowed to log out if you are detained or dead/unconscious. But we will understand if you disconnect from the server because of connectivity issues, real-life emergencies, FiveM crashes or server restarts, but you must engage in the RP you were in prior to disconnecting. 

Baiting, Griefing, and Trolling
Intentionally baiting emergency services in order to get attention or a reaction is not permitted. Angering, irritating, or provoking another player with the intent of getting a reaction or rise out of them without a valid RP reason is considered griefing, and is not permitted. 

Exploiting and Hacking
You may not use in-game bugs, crashes, or any other form of exploits for gains. It is not tolerated. Any form of hacking is strictly forbidden, and will result in an immediate permanent ban.

Heist Rules
- Houses/ATMs  //  2+ Cops to start robbery  //  No more than 2 criminals and 2 cops
- Convenient Stores  //  2+ Cops to start robbery  //  No more than 2 criminals and 3 cops
- Humane Labs  //  2+ Cops to start robbery  //  No more than 4 criminals and 4 cops
- Jewelry Store  //  3+ Cops to start robbery  //  No more than 3 criminals and 4 cops
- Armored Truck  //  4+ Cops to start robbery  //  No more than 4 criminals and 5 cops
- Banks  //  5+ Cops to start robbery  //  No more than 5 criminals and 7 cops

You are not allowed to use fake hostages, as in, you can't have someone pretending to be a hostage like a friend and/or get a cut at the end of the robbery. You need to actually put an effort into hostage-taking and not use a friend. RP kidnap someone and bring them to the scene. You can't take EMS as hostages but you can Police Officers as hostages. To take a Police Officer hostage you must have at least 1 cop over the minimum required limit for the robbery. There must always be the minimum amount of cops to be able to respond to the call.

You are only allowed to take a hostage 30 minutes or less. Any longer and they are free to leave. You are not allowed to use the same hostage on multiple robberies one after the other. This is to prevent players from spending a large amount of time as someone's hostage. This is not fun for anyone. If you have taken someone hostage for ransom, you have 10 minutes to contact your target informing them about your hostage and price.

Officers must attempt verbal communication before firing their weapons or using aggressive behavior. Criminals must announce themselves and warn officers before firing their weapons. This can include telling the officer(s) to "leave or be shot". There should always be initiative taken to verbally communicate before lethal force is taken on either side. 

When robbing a Store, Jewelry Store or Bank, Criminals must let the officers know the number of hostages, robbers inside the building, and robbers/shooters outside the building. This is to let officers know the number of people you have inside and outside to prevent the person(s) that show up/shoot at officers from outside to be accused of being someone that is not involved in the active robbery or when robbers have passed the allowed limit of people. With this said, shooters on the outside must be in view of the robbery building to prevent people from coming from the other side of town to help their friends in need. 

Multiple robberies are allowed to take place to distract and disperse Police.

Officers will have the ability to breach if there are shots fired inside the building or by a shooter on the outside.

Lethal force is justified when a player has fired a weapon, officers see a player with a weapon in an illegal area, the suspect is armed and aggressive or players have raised a weapon at officers.

Police can have ONE Sharpshooter per Bank robbery/Jewelry Store. The Sharpshooter is allowed to open fire and kill ONE target only after the hostage(s) have been safely secured (closer to the cops than the crooks). If the Sharpshooter kills a target and the criminals do not return fire, the Sharpshooter must stop. If the criminals shoot first or shoot back at the Sharpshooter or any Officers, the Sharpshooter can engage and kill all targets.

Police may only PIT vehicles if the suspect has been deemed a threat to public safety and both vehicles are NOT traveling in excess of 80mph.

Police are not allowed to bash your vehicle at high speeds in an attempt to damage you and your vehicle. A pit maneuver must be used in a safe area when cops feel no property or people will be damaged from it. Bashing into vehicles damages the health of both parties and is considered Fail RP. Police, however, are allowed to hit your car at low speeds in an attempt to damage your engine or block you in and prevent you from leaving.

Green Zones
Green Zones are crime-free. Should an RP event take place outside of a green zone, you may not use green zones as a place to escape consequences. The only time a weapon is to be used is if emergency services have a reason to do so.

The current green zones are:
Legion Square

[Image: Z9WDNYttmdK094J2v_i6M6rU4zHCG2cZmP3P4jRr...APuJFyg9M9]

Illegal Areas
This is an area where crime has a very high likely-hood of occurring. What does that mean? As a civilian if you are caught in this area you are automatically considered suspicious and can be detained and searched. However, once a cop enters the area (defined below), criminals are free to attack the officers after verbally engaging ("leave or we shoot") or firing warning shots. Cops can only engage lethally without any warning if the civilian is spotted with a weapon in the area or are fired upon. Unless responding to a crime in progress, cops can only search these areas every 30 minutes.

Illegal zones:
Chop Shop (inside the compound)
Cocaine Processing (within 100m of the building)
Meth Processing (within 300m of the Meth Lab House, give or take)
Humane Labs (within 300m of the building)
Moderation Team
Police Commander

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