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Turf Wars

If you are a member of a whitelisted gang, you may participate in the turf wars. If you have a group of at least 3 that would like to start a gang, message staff on discord.

Same ROE apply to this as would anywhere else. Always engage in roleplay before you start shooting. The only people who can take part in this are gangs that can only have whitelisted members, so I will be harsh with anyone who can provide PROOF that another gang is flaunting the rules when it comes to engagements. In the same vain, no one is forced to participate in this. If you can't take the heat get outta the kitchen!

General rules/Things to know:

• All gangs have a unique colour that the territory on the map will match
• Gaining/Losing influence by killing only works if you or they own the territory
• Body camping will be allowed in these zones. Be warned this is a VERY hostile act. If another gang or the police sees you doing this to their member, you are clear to be engaged.
• Please please please try to record your interactions. The one with video proof will always have an edge.
• Yes, the drug labs have a MUCH increased ratio. Way better than anything else
• LAW ENFORCEMENT! If a gang owns more than one territory, please consider this a priority (choose one of the 2 to patrol/actively hunt in).

Note: You do NOT gain influence on a zone when inside ANY interior (gang hideout, house, business)

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